9 interesting facts about Interior designing

Interior designing is an interesting field. However, the field has some interesting facts and points that we might don’t know or help us to design house. A few of the interesting facts shared by the best interior design firms in Dubai are:

  1. Interior designing is one of the oldest field in the world. In prehistoric times, people used to decorate their tents and homes with the skins of animal. They used to make sculptures and vases to decorate the place.
  2. We know Elsie De Wolfe as actress but she was the first professional interior designer after Victorian era. Her designs and trends were considered as refreshing and optimistic.
  3. Every country has different trends of interior designing. After all, it depends on customs and traditions of the people. Americans use flowery wallpapers while Australians prefer pastel colors.
  4. The ideal tip of interior designing is to choose a sofa or couch that could bear and tolerate little wear and tear and lots of spills or might need to change the sofa after some time.
  5. Lightning plays an important role to lift up your mood. The studies say that windows and extra lightning can make you happier and increase the chances to get well soon if you are ill. Therefore, ask you designer to add window in your room.
  6. Although we don’t love greenish toilets, the avocado-colored toilets were trendy in 1970s. Nowadays we want white and neutral colored toilets.
  7. If you want a healthy lifestyle and designing, then choose natural materials to design your room or house over plastics. Bamboos and hemp are weather-free; therefore, they last longer that man-made materials.
  8. If you are designing-freak then design your house in such a way that it would express your personality and tell a cute and visual story about yourself.
  9. Interior designing is not an easy job as it seems. The designers work like other employees. They need to update their knowledge about space designs, latest trends and what people want in their house. After all, interior designing is the field in which you have to make the room.

So, these are nine interesting facts about interior designing. Interior designing is one of the booming field. People crave to design their houses that express their taste and personality. These facts can also come in handy when you are working on office interior design in Dubai. Designers listen to them and design the place according to their needs.