International English Language Testing Systems

English Language Testing Systems

This article is completely about IELTS. In this article, we have given answers to the questions that are related to IELTS and the questions most people have. If you are planning to go abroad for higher studies or jobs then you have come to the right article as here you will many things which would add to your knowledge.

How can IELTS Dubai be defined?

IELTS is the short form of International English Language Testing Systems. IELTS is basically the most famous English language capability test college or university and for worldwide migration.

In what organizations is IELTS counted?

IELTS is counted by over and above ten thousand organizations internationally. These organizations incorporate universities, departments of immigration, government organizations, professional organizations and worldwide enterprises.

What is the cost of IELTS?

There is a particular fee structure for the test of IELTS.

If you want to the fees, you will have apply first.

What is the format of the test and what is the duration of the test?

There are four parts in the test of IELTS. Listening test which is of thirty minutes, reading test which is of sixty minutes, writing test which is of sixty minutes and speaking test which is usually of eleven minutes to fourteen minutes. The time of the entire test is two hours and forty five minutes. First, you will have to give the listening test, reading test and writing test. The test of speaking would be conducted later.

How can the test of speaking be described?

The test of speaking is basically a discussion between you and the examiner of IELTS.

If you think you would face a problem in the test of speaking then you could for spoken English classes in Dubai.

What things do you need for the test?

You need a pencil, a pen and an eraser and nothing else, not even a mobile phone.

Can the test of reading and the test of listening be done with a pen?

No, you will have to do your test using a pencil. The sheet where you have to mark your answers is scanned. So, if you use a pen, it would be unable to read your answers.

By now, I am sure you know much of the things about IELTS. Even now, if you want to know anything, let us know or you can even search the internet and you will surely get your answer.