What to give to your husband?

What to give to your husband

There are many women who want to give gifts to their husbands but they do not have any idea of what they have to give them which their husbands will use over the time and which have more benefit to them. You can find a few ideas here below:

Prayer mat:

Muslim men have to pray wherever they are and because they have to travel a lot for earning so they need something very portable so you can give them a portable prayer mat which they can have with them all the time as it has a very minimal weight and it will take lesser space as well. They can have that in their laptop bag or pack that in a separate bag and take with them and then they can pray at any place without any to be worried about a mosque or a special prayer area. It will help them a lot.


When you are searching for the modest dresses uae then you will come to know you can also give them a personalized hoodie which they can wear whenever they are going out in the winter or in a moderate weather. You can have print their name on that and anything else that you want and you can even get a matching hoodie with your husband and it will look beautiful when you both wear that and it will increase your love too. You can give them their favorite color in cap too which they can wear with their hoodie. While you are going to gift him anything it is better to pack that in a beautiful box instead of just wrapping in a wrapping paper because they will be careless about that paper.


It will be a great gift when you give that to your husband especially when these book marks have some Islamic quotes on them or any ayah printed or painted on them. They can use that as the book mark for their Quran or for any of the other Islamic books. You can hand paint them as well if you know how to do that and then you can laminate them before gifting as in this way it will last longer as there will be no fear of tearing off. You can order embellished ones too which are available in market.